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melodic / мелодичный, мелодический
имя прилагательное
melodic, melodious, tuneful, musical, sweet, harmonious
имя прилагательное
of, having, or producing melody.
melodic and rhythmic patterns
She joined his laughing, a sweet, melodic trance that made several men glance over at her.
If anything, there is an even greater range of mood and melodic expression than in the Ravel.
The melodic material on which all five movements are based appears in the first.
Her voice sounded too hollow to be the melodic voice of those pleasant beings.
It is an extremely rhythmic and melodic collection of songs that expresses pop in the most subtle of ways.
Its flowing melodic lines for trombone soloist build up strong emotional intensity.
Their style is melodic driving rock, with textured guitars and strong vocal harmony lines.
His voice, which on Mike King Tonight is reduced to a melodic echo of King's phrases, is a smooth Southern bass.
The primo and secondo parts are usually equal in difficulty and share melodic interest.
Underpinning every song are melodic rhythms typical of Malian music.