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mellifluous / сладкозвучный, медоточивый, ласкающий слух
имя прилагательное
mellifluous, Orphean, euphonious, mellifluent, sirenic, sirenical
mellifluous, mellifluent, candied, honey-mouthed
ласкающий слух
mellifluous, mellifluent
имя прилагательное
(of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.
the voice was mellifluous and smooth
Despite age, the singer has a mellifluous voice.
The waves crashed over and over, the sound mellifluous and almost lulling to my ear.
Staring into space, each concentrated on the soft sounds of Mari's mellifluous voice.
Finally, however, her mellifluous voice with its distinctive accent and timbre began captivating the hearts of audiences elsewhere, and she shot to fame.
In Italian what name could sound more mellifluous than Felice?
I think his voice is noble, mellifluous , rich and with a good range of colours.
Rose wondered, listening to Yashi's soft, mellifluous voice soothing Jess, and feeling a pang of annoyance that she'd gone straight for him.
Just as there is more to the songs' lyrics than that, so there is more to their sound than mellifluous strumming.
I was particularly taken with the mellifluous sounds of the ‘authentic’ clarinets.
‘We will have refreshments and you shall tell me of your misadventure,’ Arvid said in a rich, mellifluous voice.