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melee / рукопашная, свалка, рукопашная схватка
имя существительное
melee, hand-to-hand fighting, close-in fighting
dump, scramble, melee, scrimmage, rubbish dump, junk yard
рукопашная схватка
melee, hand-to-hand fighting, close-in fighting
имя существительное
a confused fight, skirmish, or scuffle.
several people were hurt in the melee
People panicked and stampeded, blows rained down, people fell and hurt themselves in the melee .
They managed to retrieve their son from the melee and, with a struggle, reached the safety of their home.
the melee of people that were always thronging the streets
After the initial charge, both lines are broken, and the battle degenerates into a chaotic melee .
He described two fights within the extended melee outside the nightclub.
In the melee , the iron railing leading to the park's entrance on Cipero Street broke, causing fans to fall on top of each other.
several people were hurt in the melee
Another person involved in the melee was jailed for violent disorder after his trial for murder collapsed.
Prague by day is a melee of tourists, heads cocked skyward, nodding in disbelief at yet another beautiful building.
With a melee of artists, dancers, musicians and bands, the crowds gathered to enjoy the sunshine and take part in the festivities.