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meld / объединяться, сливаться
unite, combine, come together, join, consolidate, meld
merge, fuse, amalgamate, join, meld, interflow
blend; combine.
Australia's winemakers have melded modern science with traditional art
(in rummy, canasta, and other card games) lay down or declare (a combination of cards) in order to score points.
a player has melded four kings
имя существительное
a thing formed by merging or blending.
a meld of many contributions
a completed set or run of cards in rummy, canasta, and other card games.
Note that in this version of Canasta, melds consisting entirely of wild cards are not allowed.
The most startling aspect of the game is the mix of people who meld together on the five-a-side pitch.
Poe's general modus operandi was to meld together facts with fiction.
The seaweed will be dry and crisp at this stage but as soon as you start filling it, it will dampen and the layers will meld together.
Manx was so inspired that he promptly moved to India to track his soon-to-be mentor down, and for the next few years learned to meld together the sounds of the East and West.
But despite these varying degrees of success, the three twisted tales meld together smoothly, forming one perfectly disturbing anthology.
He needs to slip into old clothes so that he could feel free to stretch out on the hay beside the brook and bathe in a meld of physical sensations.
It seems obvious, but food manufacturers were originally catering to a mainstream taste that they tried to meld together from focus groups and other research methods.
The shadows seemed to meld together, and shape a human form - Damion!
The minute we saw it, we felt it was just right for the site - all our ideas seemed to meld together.
the nylon bristles shrivel and meld together