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melancholia / меланхолия, депрессия
имя существительное
melancholy, melancholia, blues, vapor, hip, vapour
depression, melancholia, doldrums, heaviness, vapor, dejection
имя существительное
deep sadness or gloom; melancholy.
rain slithered down the windows, encouraging a creeping melancholia
Looking for old spanners and fondue sets isn't the main reason for my contemplative melancholia .
Fifth, there is a streak of melancholia in the English imagination, which can easily slide into a condition of fatalism.
If you're not in the market for a new wall color, or you're not quite ready to risk a bout of autumnal melancholia , it's quite easy to use this deep rose as an accent, especially when you want to create a romantic, intimate mood.
the haunting melancholia that dominates the album
All the identified patients had psychotic illnesses: mania and melancholia , general paresis, and post-encephalitic states.
Four Icelandic artists create work exploring aspects of melancholia through animation, drawing, painting, sculpture and video.
It's easy to overdo the lushness in Rachmaninov's music for piano and orchestra, even easier to dive into the melancholia of the Russian ‘soul’.
The romantics thought that memory bound us in a deep sense of the past, associated with melancholia , but today we think of memory as a mode of re-presentation, and as belonging ever more to the present.
The room where she wrote, in between bouts of melancholia and swigs of laudanum, remains above the old entrance to the stables.
He refused to take on patients who were psychotic; that is, who were suffering from schizophrenia or from the most severe type of melancholia (depressive illness).