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megalomania / мания величия, мегаломания
имя существительное
мания величия
megalomania, delusion of grandeur, superiority complex
имя существительное
obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others.
His brash style and megalomania also make him enemies.
These few moments behind the scenes in the making of the movie highlight how serious the performer was at his chosen craft, while hinting at the megalomania that would later tarnish his tumultuous reputation.
Though Shaw was prone to bouts of megalomania , he viewed his apotheosis with amused detachment.
It enacts an arrogance that borders on megalomania .
On the surface, Watchmen is a crime fighting/superhero comic, but really it deals with the philosophy of good versus evil, morality, megalomania , the nature of evil, love, betrayal, honour and friendship.
This vision of world domination goes way, way beyond hubris, and crosses the border into outright megalomania .
The laboratory report explained the patient's megalomania .
This conviction frequently prompts its spokespersons to make irritating declarations that border on megalomania , the odious or the comical.
Letters to friends were full of ‘self-infatuation and rampant megalomania .’
So my ultimate goal of acquiring enough knowledge to conquer the stock market isn't a product of megalomania ?
The hidden message here is that we expect people who are blessed with qualities like economic acumen, leadership and intelligence to be cursed with the obverse traits of greed, megalomania and ruthless cunning.