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mediocrity / посредственность, заурядность, заурядный человек
имя существительное
mediocre, mediocrity, meanness, tameness, ordinariness, second-rater
mediocrity, ordinariness
заурядный человек
mediocrity, bromide, also-ran
имя существительное
the quality or state of being mediocre.
heroes rising above the mediocrity that surrounds them
Is St Lucia doomed forever to be an island synonymous with mediocrity ?
But he may well have chosen the wrong ship to board with his undoubtedly quality brand of mediocrity .
History teaches that we are not only tolerant of mediocrity - we thrive on it.
These problems allowed mediocrity to rise too often to the top.
We have reduced all and everything to the level of mediocrity so that nothing and no-one stands out or is in any way offended.
In truth the game never rose above mediocrity , as Dingle and Crokes struggled to find their range.
The opening half was a dire affair with the standard of hurling never rising above mediocrity .
You see, he's a talented and driven composer and director who loathes mediocrity above everything else.
He hated mediocrity and always strived for perfection and excellence.
He may not be the best actor, but his charm and charisma help him elevate any role above mediocrity .