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mediocre / посредственный, заурядный, бесталанный
имя прилагательное
mediocre, middling, ordinary, indifferent, moderate, fair
ordinary, mediocre, common, common-or-garden, run-of-the-mill
mediocre, untalanted
имя существительное
mediocre, mediocrity, meanness, tameness, ordinariness, second-rater
имя прилагательное
of only moderate quality; not very good.
a mediocre actor
In spite of the huge efforts of the committee prior to the meeting attendance was mediocre .
If we don't allow any quality commercial development then the town is doomed to a mediocre fate.
The industry is still too accepting of mediocre illustrations and photography in general.
Grandera appears to have two ways of running, quite brilliant or utterly mediocre .
His system turns mediocre players into good ones and good players into great ones.
It was a match of mediocre quality, although neither side was short of commitment.
At best, they were mediocre and at worst, merely a repeat of some of his past successes.
I thought it was slightly better than mediocre , which was precisely what I was expecting.
Another mediocre season will not see him offered three more years in charge of Edinburgh and so he might as well go for broke.
So I guess the conclusion is that this is a mediocre , eminently forgettable album.