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medico / доктор, лекарь, студент-медик
имя существительное
doctor, physician, doc, medico
physician, medico
medic, medical, medico
имя существительное
a medical practitioner or student.
And like many others who had to begin life afresh, the boy initially started selling medical books to young medicos .
relating to the field of medicine.
Every time a doctor gives an opinion, the medico concerned has to be ready to back it up with some serious facts.
When sickness does arrive they can be used to complement the medico 's treatment.
However, house calls are probably the most dangerous part of being a medico .
Betty, the eldest and headed for spinsterhood, works as a nurse for Mike, a middle-aged medico married to the middle sister, Ann, who is pregnant and unhappy.
This doctor (the first medico I've seen weigh in on the matter) says that isn't correct.
And so gradually medicos are taking on acupuncture, practising it themselves, and there's an increased acceptance of it.
She comes from a long line of medicos - her father was a pathologist and two uncles were radiologists.
What wonderfully comforting people we medicos are.
She is given eight months of intensive chemotherapy, a slim chance of reprieve, and an excellent opportunity to provide medicos with ruthless experimentation.
Once we are reintroduced to our mad medicos , the movie meanders from one effects shot to another.