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medicinal / лекарственный, лечебный, медицинский
имя прилагательное
drug, medicinal, officinal
therapeutic, curative, healing, medicinal, remedial, medicative
medical, medicinal, medic
имя прилагательное
(of a substance or plant) having healing properties.
medicinal herbs
имя существительное
a medicinal substance.
It is used to improve solution stability, reduce the crystallization effect of syrups, as well as to enhance the palatability of these medicinals .
While I'm on the subject, I'll mention some details that will be familiar to my fellow medicinal chemists.
The monks taught that grapes had medicinal value.
Little is known about the status of toxic metals in these medicinal plants grown in polluted environments.
She justifies her drug use as partly medicinal , but she is sinking back into previous behaviors that led her to almost end her life.
It has also been demonstrated that a considerable number of Chinese medicinal herbs activate the immune system.
Somewhere in my early teens my mother became interested in herbs and medicinal properties in plants.
Holmes said that this is just one of a growing number of studies showing how commonly used ‘natural products’ may contain chemicals of medicinal value.
A small amount is used legally to make these drugs for medicinal use.
A lavishly illustrated 18th century book of medicinal herbs has been digitised and animated by the British Library.
Cholesterol-lowering drugs for one, and plain old aspirin for another, are two drugs with proven medicinal value of a high order.