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medicate / насыщать, лечить лекарствами, пропитывать лекарством
saturate, sate, satiate, fill, imbue, medicate
лечить лекарствами
пропитывать лекарством
administer medicine or a drug to (someone).
both infants were heavily medicated to alleviate their seizures
What gives the government the right to medicate people without their permission?
Drug companies encourage the idea that people can diagnose and medicate medical conditions themselves.
I don't want to put her through allergy testing, but how can I safely medicate her with over-the-counter medications?
He just doesn't agree with the rush to brand it a new mental disorder and medicate without first exploring less drastic options.
The doctors could not find any medical reason for them and told us we should medicate him for a few years.
Contacting physicians and obtaining orders to medicate patients for pain in a timely manner frequently was a problem.
Anticipate pain and medicate the patient before turning or repositioning.
Thus, most practitioners did not appear to intentionally medicate patients for procedural pain.
I would spend the next decade convincing doctors to medicate my addiction.
His speech is slurred and he can hardly write and he is heavily medicated .