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medicament / лекарство, медикамент
имя существительное
drug, medicine, remedy, cure, medicament, preparation
medicament, drug, medicine
имя существительное
a substance used for medical treatment.
Yet some rather toxic metals, albeit in insoluble form, have been used as medicaments : Bismuth, for example, as an antacid.
The amount of the medicament in her bloodstreams was 16 times toxic levels, and it looked as if a liver transplantation might be necessary, but no liver compatible with her age and size was to be found.
Not only was the existing market valuable and expanding, but there was a great potential for further expansion if a more acceptable medicament could be found and these facts were well-known.
An inhalation device is provided for inhalation of a powder medicament .
The medicament may then be incorporated into the ointment.
Use of a compound of claim 1 for preparing a medicament for treating inflammation or an inflammation-associated disorder.
This invention relates to a medicament for producing an anabolic or growth promoting state in a mammal.
Physicians avoid prescribing a medicament on this special prescription, especially when it is expensive and health insurance companies are not willing to provide reimbursement for the treatment.
The actual medicament that is said to be suitable for treatment is produced in the patient under the supervision of the medical team.
The well-known illegibility of the prescription scripts frequently makes it impossible for a curious patient even to guess at the nature of the medicament .
Those of us who grew up after the war remember olive oil as something that came in tiny bottles from Boots and was used as some kind of medicament .