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medic / медик, врач, студент-медик
имя существительное
physician, medic, medical student, quack
doctor, physician, medic, medical man, medical adviser, hakeem
medic, medical, medico
имя прилагательное
medical, medicinal, medic
имя существительное
a medical practitioner or student.
Equally, though no-one would begrudge mature students retraining as medics , it is fanciful to suppose that they alone can make up the shortfall.
Now having done his duty on the fronts, Silverheart commits to being the world's greatest healer and combat medic .
He has completed 11 years service and is a trained medic .
The public may love its angels but it holds its medics in awe.
I'm no superwoman, just someone who can handle pain and has a couple of combat medics to keep an eye on her.
Throughout the film, the pair are forced to grapple with ethical dilemmas about their role as medics .
She was discharged from hospital on Sunday after medics had stitched-up her head wound.
A Muslim hospital chaplain has teamed up with Bradford medics to help deliver health services sensitive to cultural needs.
They include a surgeon, an emergency physician, intensive care specialists, nurses and medics .
The medics warn of an acute shortage of anaesthetists and a shortfall of 500 GPs by 2012.
One firefighter suffered burns to his neck, and was treated by ambulance medics at the scene.