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mediate / посредничать, служить связующим звеном
mediate, intermediate
служить связующим звеном
имя прилагательное
intermediate, interim, intermediary, transitional, medium, mediate
имя прилагательное
connected indirectly through another person or thing; involving an intermediate agency.
public law institutions are a type of mediate state administration
intervene between people in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.
Wilson attempted to mediate between the powers to end the war
bring about (a result such as a physiological effect).
the right hemisphere plays an important role in mediating tactile perception of direction
Therefore, it is necessary to investigate factors that may facilitate or mediate these beneficial effects.
He was a member of John Smith's leadership team and his diplomatic skills were used to mediate between Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown at the height of their feud.
There were his unsuccessful efforts in 1915 and 1916 to mediate a peace among the Great Powers.
He is now attempting to mediate between the two sides.
No other major power in history has expended so much diplomatic effort, over so many decades, to try to mediate peace among foreign nations.
Again, it was the patron's role to mediate between the artist and the press, ensuring a harmonious relationship on both sides.
He has also helped mediate peace talks in Burundi.
It was Spring who proposed the establishment of an international body to mediate between the parties.
I asked what attempt had been made to mediate between dissatisfied community members and the school staff and council.
He also hoped, by keeping America neutral, to have an opportunity to mediate the conflict.