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meddlesome / надоедливый, вмешивающийся в чужие дела
имя прилагательное
bothersome, annoying, pesky, boring, irksome, meddlesome
вмешивающийся в чужие дела
meddlesome, pragmatic, pragmatical, officious
имя прилагательное
fond of meddling; interfering.
a gaggle of meddlesome politicians
But to Barry, he could seem like just another meddlesome boss.
It was just another boring city, filled with meddlesome people and merchants who like to drag you to their stands against your wishes, insisting that you buy something outrageously overpriced.
In doing so, they waste money, intimidate doctors, clog up the system and draw in the meddlesome fools in Westminster.
It's perfectly capable of remaining in its own time-warped bubble without help from its meddlesome friends.
The Government has become more intrusive, more coercive, more meddlesome , and less effective.
She had to do without the family she had relied on for her entire life: an overbearing, vicious mother, irritating brothers, meddlesome cousins, and so on.
She is unhappy, bossy, meddlesome , and possessive.
Then there are some who are merely meddlesome and intrusive in the dressing room.
So, anyway, to avoid suspicion, I had to invite that meddlesome girl, too.
Much of this is due to the government's meddlesome social engineering.