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medallist / медалист, медальер, получивший медаль
имя существительное
получивший медаль
имя существительное
an athlete or other person awarded a medal.
an Olympic gold medalist
the lowest scorer in a qualifying round of a golf tournament.
an engraver or designer of medals.
It was designed by a professional medalist named John Woodhouse Jnr and struck by West & Co of Belfast.
an Olympic gold medallist
He only lost to the gold medallist , but had a couple of close contest wins which put him fifth on points count back.
The youngest female athletics gold medallist was also American.
she's an Olympic gold medallist
Gold medallist is used to refer to any athlete who has taken first place.
He is a German sculptor, medallist , cabinetmaker, and designer, active in Nuremberg.
She was there again last Wednesday but, when you are a World Athletics Championship silver medallist , it is easy to go back.
Jessica was presented with her award by Olympic gold medallist Tim Foster at a ceremony in London.
Among the Olympic gold medallists taking part are Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe and English triple jumper Jonathan Edwards.
The 2002 World Champion gold medallists advanced with the fastest time from the first semi-final.