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medallion / медальон
имя существительное
medallion, locket, roundel
имя существительное
a piece of jewelry in the shape of a medal, typically worn as a pendant.
There was a medallion with the shape of dragon wings around her neck.
She yanked out a large medallion looped through a thin gold chain.
A silver medallion hangs on a chain around her neck.
He said nothing but obediently handed over the small bag and removed his medallion and rings.
Here, the blue ceiling is contrasted by cloud-white crown molding and a focal-point medallion .
It was like cutting a diamond into thinner pieces and attaching it to the sides of a gold medallion .
It is cropped close to the low-pitched gable roof of a ranch house where a mysterious figure enclosed in the oval medallion floats by.
He pulled the chain from her tunic, revealing the medallion hidden there.
He dropped it on the bar, while Ethan passed over a worn brass medallion on a short length of broken chain.
Absently, he felt the chain necklace and the medallion against his chest grow colder than ice.
She grabbed the medallion and gave a sharp wrench, breaking the chain.