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mechanize / механизировать, моторизовать
motorize, mechanize
introduce machines or automatic devices into (a process, activity, or place).
the farm was mechanized in the 1950s
The fact is that American agriculture was supposed to industrialize and mechanize its crop-gathering and harvesting 35 years ago.
They've used their American education and know how to mechanize the sweets business and take it national, distributing in 40 states.
Thanks to information technology, wine analysis is today much more sophisticated than could have been imagined even a decade ago, and there have even been attempts to mechanize the process of tasting.
Each maneuver troop would have four platoons: two tank and two mechanized infantry.
But mechanization did more than put artisans out of work.
Agriculture is highly mechanized , and most farms are cooperatively run on state-owned land.
As an interim measure, we could attach an active or reserve component mechanized battalion task force to each division.
Is there anyone who believes the march to Baghdad would have been successful without armored and mechanized forces fighting as combined arms teams?
Perhaps more damaging, mechanizing the drug discovery process may not have left enough room for hunches and serendipity.
Armor platoon members can relate to logistics problems when attached to an infantry or mechanized task force not familiar with supporting armor units.