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mechanical / механический, механистический, технический
имя прилагательное
mechanical, mechanic, machinal, power-driven
mechanistic, mechanical, mechanic
technical, industrial, mechanical, mechanic
имя прилагательное
working or produced by machines or machinery.
a mechanical device
(of a person or action) not having or showing thought or spontaneity; automatic.
she stopped the mechanical brushing of her hair
relating to physical forces or motion; physical.
the smoothness was the result of mechanical abrasion
имя существительное
the working parts of a machine, especially a car.
The key ingredient of the VW-Bentley and the Ford-Jaguar remains the platform, the expensive below-the-waist mechanicals , so the more of them you make, the cheaper they are.
(especially with allusion to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream ) a manual worker.
rude mechanicals
a completed assembly of artwork and copy, typically mounted on a sheet of stiff paper.
We would pull it right off the machine - then the height of cutting-edge technology - and use it in mechanicals .
The mini mechanical sweeper operates on a daily basis in and around the pedestrian area and the mid city streets.
Oil contamination would result from neglect of compressor maintenance, leading to mechanical failure.
Most lesions can be managed conservatively by the use of properly fitting shoes and padding to redistribute mechanical forces.
While hard disks have evolved over time, there is still always the danger of mechanical failure and the subsequent loss of all data on the drive.
Much of the pleasure of real pinball comes from the physical interaction with a big, mechanical device and heavy ball bearings.
That's because the fluids are held in place by capillary forces that overpower gravity and other mechanical forces.
Tora brushed it off, but her words had sounded so mechanical it looked as though Tora had practiced saying them over and over again.
Deep in concentration Em hung her keys on the wall and walked to the kitchen, where she grabbed an apple, all in mechanical motions.
And mechanical failure such as steering or suspension breakage could have you singing with the angels in seconds.
What ought to be a routine mechanical operation has become an altogether more difficult and complicated affair.