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mechanic / механик, слесарь, машинист
имя существительное
mechanic, fitter, engineer, mechanician, machinist, operator
locksmith, mechanic, fitter, machinist, artificer
driver, machinist, engineer, engine driver, mechanic, motorman
имя прилагательное
mechanical, mechanic, machinal, power-driven
mechanic, mechanical
technical, industrial, mechanical, mechanic
имя существительное
a person who repairs and maintains machinery.
a car mechanic
a manual laborer or artisan.
the Mechanics' Institute
Martyn, who serves as a mechanic with the Royal Engineers, is set to return this week.
Patients select a mechanic for their cars with more care than their practitioners.
Sam's Dad was a car mechanic and the conservatory was full of containers of oil and petrol.
Since his father was a car mechanic , he kept plenty of tools in the garage.
Ask the surveyor to refer you to a marine mechanic capable of evaluating the engine.
A door or two down a mechanic works under a car in his professional garage.
But a friend who worked as a car mechanic insisted the brakes had another 15,000 miles of wear on them.
a car mechanic
It is also worth having the car inspected by a mechanic if you have serious concerns about it.
John was an able mechanic who had a fine knowledge of engines and machinery and was gifted with his hands.