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meaty / мясистый, мясной, содержательный
имя прилагательное
fleshy, meaty, beefy, pulpy, succulent, squashy
pithy, meaty, sapid, pregnant, marrowy, thoughtful
имя прилагательное
consisting of or full of meat.
a meaty flavor
But it lacks the meaty substance of its predecessors, and feels too fluffy, light, and simplistic to truly work.
It's an exercise in atmosphere that gives her a chance to sink her teeth into the meaty role of femme fatale Margaret.
Alongside these meaty Scottish roles, Wilson had a lot of work to do to make the most of Miles.
He also wrote the screenplay, and his ideas are meaty and interesting, but there are too many.
Barnes slaps his meaty hand over the mouth of a soldier screaming from the searing pain of shrapnel and menacingly commands ‘Take the pain!’
Then she is bustling away, a whirlwind of activity, testing a pot of meaty soup with a spoon that she pulls out of nowhere, sticking a sliver of wood into a rising cake in an open oven to check that it is cooking.
The work provides its singers with some meaty roles.
He was right; they were meaty and flavorful, so she ate another.
‘No, nothing,’ Arven swallowed a bite of his meaty dish.
Nodding furiously, he furiously began to start serving the meaty soup to the peasants.