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measurement / измерение, обмер, система мер
имя существительное
measurement, measuring, dimension, metering, mensuration, meterage
measurement, measuring, scaling
система мер
имя существительное
the action of measuring something.
accurate measurement is essential
Monthly data may allow more precise measurement of consumption responses to price changes that are obscured and averaged out through the use of annual data.
Coring also will make crop insurance yield measurement more accurate since it tends to level the surface of the grain in the bin.
accurate measurement is essential
Upwards of 80 per cent of its people survive on subsistence farming, and in terms of generally accepted economic measurement they live in poverty.
Strict limits on the ratio of punitive to compensatory damages would elevate the importance of accurate measurement of compensatory harm.
his inside leg measurement
Precise information about tempo measurement before Beethoven's time is scarce.
The non-marginal elasticity involves measurement of the price and quantity demanded before and after the change.
accurate measurement is essential
a hand is a measurement used for measuring horses