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measureless / неизмеримый, безграничный, безмерный
имя прилагательное
immeasurable, unfathomable, unmeasured, measureless, fathomless, immensurable
boundless, limitless, unlimited, infinite, unbounded, measureless
immense, immeasurable, measureless, excessive, unmeasured, exceeding
имя прилагательное
having no bounds or limits; unlimited.
Otto had measureless charm
The Evangelical calculus attempts to console and convert grieving relatives and witnesses by redefining such loss as a means to the measureless prize of eternal life.
Hard times have come upon us, the loss of one leader is immeasurable but two is measureless .
He zipped along streams and paths of data, revelling in the freedom, in the measureless immensity that was inside.
They live in the measureless depths of the ocean off the Australian coast.
It relates to measureless expenditures of energy and is a violation of the integrity of the human being.
One is left to wonder if reality is a measureless sarcophagus containing us all, the living, dead, and those not yet born?