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measured / измеренный, размеренный, взвешенный
имя прилагательное
measured, hasteless, regular, mensural, even
suspended, weighed, measured, deliberated
имя прилагательное
having a slow, regular rhythm.
he walks with confident, measured steps
ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size.
the amount of water collected is measured in pints
consider (one's words or actions) carefully.
I had better measure my words so as not to embarrass anyone
travel over (a certain distance or area).
we must measure twenty miles today
She moved past Kevin and walked with a slow, measured pace down the hill.
Occasionally, a small shudder reverberated through her frame, almost as unnoticeable as her father's slow, measured breathing.
The Spanish boy had already begun to pace, moving to circle about her with slow, measured sidesteps.
Red mounted the steps of Claw's headquarters with measured tread, the chill of the night air leaving him.
He just showed the slides, two by two, with a measured pace and a few syncopated pauses precisely where one needed time.
Hackles rising straight from his neck, his eyes bugged distressingly as he tracked Samantha's measured pace from the back of the chamber to the chair beside the bench.
He walked with a slow, measured pace towards Brandon and growled slightly.
The older man nods, as always the picture of measured consideration.
But it succeeded, unlike so many others, because of careful planning and a measured approach.
Personally I think not, as I have always tried to speak in a measured and considered manner, and nobody has called me stupid yet.