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measurable / измеримый, умеренный
имя прилагательное
measurable, mensurable
moderate, mild, temperate, reasonable, modest, measurable
имя прилагательное
able to be measured.
objectives should be measurable and achievable
The challenge now is to make the transition from humanitarian relief to reconstruction assistance, and to ensure that this reconstruction assistance is delivering measurable , visible results on the ground.
However, those sellers producing high-quality goods will be better able to compete directly on terms of measurable performance and quality.
I imagine developers would be resistant to including this sort of patch unless it could produce very large and measurable performance improvements.
Profitability and business growth are top-of-mind among chief executives as they seek to leverage business transformation strategies and achieve measurable performance improvements.
The contribution should also be meaningful, visible, and measurable .
On the other hand, brands will need to make a measurable , noticeable difference in social issues.
Having meaningful and measurable performance standards is a very important component in making sure that the plan operates properly over time.
The approach relies on three quantitative inputs - asset returns, measurable asset risk, and correlation between different assets.
We have been told that real, measurable improvements in productivity are crucial if three-quarters of the awards under benchmarking are to be paid.
Being clear and communicating clearly is hard work; vague ideals must be defined, standards must be measurable , directives must be prioritized, and it all has to be understood, not just said.