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meantime / тем временем, между тем
тем временем
meanwhile, meantime, in the interim, in the mean time
между тем
meanwhile, meantime, in the mean time
in the meantime, I'll make some inquiries of my own
It's not the best way to enjoy it, but we got a lot of exercise in the meantime .
You have to rip off your costume and hope that you don't get spotted in the meantime .
Arnold, in the meantime , is playing the same role he always does but actually seems to be enjoying himself for once.
Mom and Dad, meantime, had learned to confront their differences
Scotland, meantime, had her own monarchs
Mr Cohen would, of course, regain possession of the name in the meantime .
It is not clear whether the pension fund has reduced this holding in the meantime .
In the meantime we haven't seen one camp leap substantially ahead of the other.
We hope to add a real guard dog to the farm soon, but in the meantime they seem to be doing the trick.
That was a couple of weeks ago, and in the meantime I've been working through my application needs.