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meanness / подлость, низость, убожество
имя существительное
meanness, villainy, infamy, vileness, dirty trick, rascality
baseness, meanness, turpitude, infamy, abjection, rottenness
squalor, poverty, meanness
имя существительное
unkindness, spitefulness, or unfairness.
all the hatred and meanness, despair and sorrow surrounding us
lack of quality or attractiveness; shabbiness.
the meanness of that existence
I want to show the level of meanness people are capable of.
She said this without a hint of meanness , without the slightest sarcasm.
he is also callous, with a streak of meanness
All of history's great leaders have been narcissistic; in combination with generosity of spirit, you get Lincoln; in combination with meanness of spirit, you get Henry VIII.
Junior high is a particular challenge socially and prime time for bullies to ply their special brand of meanness .
he is also callous, with a streak of meanness
The same apprehensions, in every situation, regulate his notions of meanness or of dignity.
It allows deep significance to be read into mediocrity, vacuity, cheapness, meanness .
the meanness of that existence
He just seems to bring out the meanness in them.