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meaningful / многозначительный, выразительный
имя прилагательное
meaningful, significant, meaning, telling, expressive, full of suggestion
expressive, emphatic, impressive, telling, meaningful, significant
имя прилагательное
having meaning.
meaningful elements in a language
However, these connections are not clear enough for the experience to be meaningful to anyone who was not there.
Ross, sensing that he's been dismissed, nods and gives his father a meaningful glance, unseen by Tristan.
To map that joining, we must explore emerging technologies, not merely because they are new, but because they have some bearing on a facet of sound and music that is meaningful to us.
With a meaningful glance at his comrade, he pointed to the south.
For this reason, the Law of Emphyteusis was certainly Argentina's most important step toward meaningful land reform.
Alice and Lisa exchanged meaningful glances, and they both smiled.
If they don't, start throwing meaningful glances toward the door.
Rename the icon to make it more meaningful to you.
The remembered past is unobjective, but it is meaningful and valid to more people because they participate in its transmission.
Yet there was no mistaking David's deep, meaningful eyes.