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mealtime / время принятия пищи
имя существительное
время принятия пищи
имя существительное
the time at which a meal is eaten.
fill up at mealtimes and get out of the habit of snacking
Southerners are the most likely to put their elbows on the table at mealtime , but they are the least likely to cut in line and the most likely to use courtesy titles.
One of the high points of these summits, say participants, is mealtime .
You rarely attend mealtime , and that is quite worrying to everyone.
At the sound of a bell, the men woke; another bell signaled mealtime ; still another, work time; still another, meals and bedtime.
I had no sense of time any more; I didn't think it was a mealtime but I couldn't be sure.
Someone is trying to get something to eat before mealtime .
it must be mealtime soon
Within the family he was notorious for reading clips out of the paper at mealtimes to prevent conversation.
He hated mealtimes , especially with Aunt Bella watching over him, or Uncle Simon making comments.
The women ate familiar, everyday foods at mealtimes and for their evening snack.