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meadow / луг, поляна, луговина
имя существительное
meadow, grassland, field, grass, lea, mead
glade, clearing, meadow, clearing in the woods
имя существительное
a piece of grassland, especially one used for hay.
Soon they were ready to leave the meadow but they all knew something was missing.
He came out of the thick woods into a small meadow , his arrow on his bow ready to be shot at anything that moved.
Luke had decided to take a long ride across the estate's grounds to the meadow in the east limit and set a picnic for both of us there.
He threw himself onto the ground as the meadow was filled with the twang of many bowstrings.
Soil analysis and pasture inventories were conducted annually on each hay meadow .
Karen had her apron full of herbs picked in the meadow near the creek.
Oddly enough, the stream dissected the meadow with near perfection.
a pleasant campsite in a meadow, complete with sparkling stream
Two hours passed, and they finally reached the meadow by the Cher River.
A dark line of bent grass led through the moonlight silvered sheen across the meadow and toward the mountain.
The sleeve depicts trees in a meadow of purple flowers.