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me-too / я тоже
имя прилагательное
relating to the adoption or imitation of another person's views or policies, often for political advantage.
he has been a me-too liberal on many of the issues that matter most
Engage in research for life-threatening diseases with no cure rather than working on me-too devices.
I felt that was most apparent; there was a me-too attitude that went category by category.
That it's struggling, is directly linked to the reluctance of the parliamentary wing to move from safety first, white-bread, middle of the road, me-too policies.
The removal of me-too companies from the sector could create a more dynamic industry.
His success underscored the exhaustion of both Democratic liberalism and me-too Republicanism.
The worst thing you could do is go out into the consumer market with a me-too product that has to compete on price.
The company has resisted offering a " me-too " product like a digital audio player.
Together, these mobilizations set a different political tone to the meek, me-too rhetoric of the Democrats.
There is only one fix for the Democratic Party that would bring an end to the me-too voting of Democratic politicians.
For the present government, the " me-too " label can hardly apply.