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maze / лабиринт, путаница
имя существительное
maze, labyrinth, intricacy
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, maze
бродить по лабиринту
ставить в тупик
confound, nonplus, perplex, bewilder, puzzle, maze
приводить в замешательство
confuse, embarrass, bowl over, discomfit, affront, maze
имя существительное
a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way.
When the rats were put in mazes designed to test learning and memory, those that had been anaesthetised performed worse than those that had not been given the drugs.
be dazed and confused.
she was still mazed with the drug she had taken
She threatened and then ran off, back into the maze of the castle passages.
In the end, the Irish troops found themselves utterly confused as they became pawns in a frustrating bureaucratic maze .
They walked through an intricate maze of hallways before reaching a large arena filled with all sorts of technical equipment.
The two men followed as the warden led them through a veritable maze of stone passages and metal walkways.
They turn a corner of the hedge maze and find the statue of Theo's bride.
All the buildings nearby create a maze of alleyways and rooftops.
the house has a maze and a walled Italian garden
I went outside and let myself get lost in the maze of streets.
Three hundred people lived in the maze of complex interwoven passages for six years during the American war.
The maize maze at Blake End, near Braintree, is open for the summer and is growing fast.