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maypole / верзила, майское дерево, каланча
имя существительное
майское дерево
beanpole, maypole, belfry
имя существительное
a pole painted and decorated with flowers, around which people traditionally dance on May Day, holding long ribbons that are attached to the top of the pole.
I'm a little too old and far too creaky to dance round the maypole but I did do a little jig by the oak tree.
It is everywhere taken as the first sure sign of spring, and in England it is used to decorate the traditional maypole .
Now we are asked to hold hands and dance around the maypole together, celebrating mediocrity.
I'll just go and run a couple of times round a maypole and decide.
Whatever happened to good old May Queen's, Morris dancing and ribbon dancing around a maypole .
Get ye to a maypole dance for more traditional sorts of fertility blessings.
There seems to be a sense that the core dynamic is the same: nursing, for all its new independence and expertise, is still dancing around the medical maypole .
In many countries, a maypole with long ribbons attached to the top is part of the celebration.
The maypole dancing unfortunately coincided with a particularly heavy shower but the young performers bravely completed their routine despite the deluge.
As the sun came up, pipers played and visitors watched fire juggling and danced around a maypole .
The lord watched his daughter dance the maypole with the other young people.