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mayonnaise / майонез, провансаль, рыба или мясо под майонезом
имя существительное
mayonnaise, mayo
рыба или мясо под майонезом
имя существительное
a thick, creamy dressing consisting of egg yolks beaten with oil and vinegar and seasoned.
Emulsions have been chosen because they are daily present in kitchens, being the base of many different sauces and mayonnaises , salad dressings, ice creams, shakes, etc.
Healthy fats also include salad dressings, mayonnaise , cooking oils, and fish oils.
Now don't give up on the lettuce - you can use low fat mayonnaise , vinegar and lemon juice instead.
If you're used to thick, chunky chips with salt and vinegar, having mayonnaise on them instead may sound ever so slightly disgusting.
Make coleslaw by mixing chopped cabbage with light mayonnaise , vinegar, celery seed and salt to taste.
For the lavender glaze: Combine mayonnaise , mustard and red wine vinegar in a bowl and reserve.
Use fat-free mayonnaise and salad dressings, and moderate amounts of olive oil when cooking.
He tries to be sneaky when he takes mayonnaise or ketchup out of the kitchen, but I've seen him do it.
Gradually add canola oil while whisking to form a thick and creamy mayonnaise .
The tuna pasta salad was creamy with mayonnaise , and although I could taste some dill, it tasted flat and old.
The smell and even the sight of it make me queasy, as do the other major American condiments, mustard and mayonnaise .