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mayhem / нанесение увечья
имя существительное
нанесение увечья
имя существительное
violent or damaging disorder; chaos.
complete mayhem broke out
What unfolds is a riot of comic mayhem as mistaken identity leads to uproarious farce throughout.
But to go from the legal mayhem of rugby union to illegal violence is a small step indeed.
Both leaders know they are not just dealing with the mayhem on the streets: they have to keep their backs covered as well.
They have issues boiling away inside and their only outlet is to cause mayhem in the streets.
My husband leaves a haven of rest and order to come home to mayhem and madness.
During these times of course registration mayhem you undoubtedly curse the evil that is voice mail.
On two large screens there was distorted video footage of mayhem and destruction.
complete mayhem broke out
High spirits often get out of control and lead to violence and mayhem .
Rebels advanced on the capital which erupted in anarchy and mayhem as armed gangs looted and fought each other on the streets.