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maximalist / максималист
имя существительное
maximalist, out-and-outer
имя существительное
(especially in politics) a person who holds extreme views and is not prepared to compromise.
As the referendum approached, longstanding splits between the minimalists and maximalists within the republican movement became significant.
имя прилагательное
of or denoting an extreme opinion.
if we demand only maximalist ends, we will get nothing
Only fine spices, massage, and dodgeball can compare and further inspire these maximalist feats.
I wanted to make a minimalist and maximalist record at the same time - so I did.
They also took a maximalist approach in an installation filled with images of landscape, water, displaced animals, plants and diagrams of the proposed construction.
The leaders are less maximalist than their rank and file.
The point is that the people who are really worth listening to aren't making absolute or maximalist statements or predictions.
Ours is a maximalist culture - the bigger the better.
Even John Adams, the transatlantic dean of minimalism, is at heart a maximalist , if the hectic massiness of his own essay in metaphysical erotics, Harmonium, is a guide.
He takes a maximalist approach to these songs, always adding more instrumentation where less might do nicely.
A glance at the history of negotiations shows that this is a standard tactic: staking out a maximalist position while throwing the other side off balance.
This sequel takes a riotously maximalist approach.