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maximal / максимальный, высший
имя прилагательное
maximum, maximal, top, peak, ultimate
higher, supreme, top, high, upper, maximal
имя прилагательное
of or constituting a maximum; the highest or greatest possible.
the maximal speed
These withdrawal symptoms begin within hours of the last cigarette and are at maximal intensity for the first week.
In the first place, it may be wondered why we should need to include both maximal possible states of affairs and propositions in our ontology.
Injection assures maximal drug delivery and penetration into the ulcer region.
The aorta is relatively fixed at these two points but is mobile on each side so the heart beat stress is maximal there.
The struggle for social peace is thus a struggle for the conditions of maximal living diversity.
Then the cardiac failure worsened despite maximal treatment.
Two weeks at maximal dose is needed before one decides that a particular drug is a therapeutic failure.
In conclusion, maximal plantar flexion was reached in only a minority of the kicking actions.
You may be in need of a maximal treadmill stress test, which will reveal any reduced flow in the arteries.
Despite heart problems most of her life, she always gave a maximal effort.