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max / максимум
имя существительное
a maximum amount or setting.
the sound is distorted to the max
at the most.
our information can be in the commander's hand in half an hour, max
reach or cause to reach the limit of capacity or ability.
job growth in high technology will max out
Visitors to his Pebble Beach manse find that not only are bathrooms and fridges stocked to the max but so is the supply of athletic equipment.
The calls are timed to be disruptive to the max , like just before meetings, or at the start of major activities and projects.
the trip costs about 35p max
And they were what we intellectuals call career opportunists - to the max .
job growth in high technology will max out
Studies show that hair actually grows slower when you are stressed to the max .
For there will be a whole subsegment of patients who get placed on second and third drugs or whose doses get pushed to the max to try to meet the ideal cholesterol level.
Officials are pushing the drainage system to the max , but it could take more than three weeks to get rid of that much water.
At the same time, though its humor's lowbrow to the max , it's all wrong for the kid market.
job growth in high technology will max out