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maverick / индивидуалист, диссидент, инакомыслящий
имя существительное
maverick, egotist
dissident, maverick, dissenter, nonconformist, seceder
dissident, maverick, nonconformist, far-outer
захватывать неклейменый скот
приобретать нечестным путем
имя существительное
an unorthodox or independent-minded person.
a maverick among Connecticut Republicans
an unbranded calf or yearling.
имя прилагательное
a maverick detective
I spent a few hours scratching my head and looking for a cryptic code which might shed light on where this maverick genius is getting his ideas from.
The press adored him, a prolific, maverick talent who survived on cheap noodles and peanut butter so he could make films with his dole money.
His role as maverick was most evident was during his stints on the Open Market Committee, where he frequently squared off against the status quo.
The first is a private sketchbook, posthumously made public at a time when attention was turning again to this American maverick .
And a long time maverick in American politics is being remembered for his influence on the nation.
There is something undeniably fresh and even unpredictable about this self-described maverick .
The maverick MP had intended to vote against the measure.
Both presented themselves as maverick anti-establishment politicians but campaigned hard on the traditional themes of the fascist right.
Hollywood is notoriously bad at handling maverick talents, and now it has a potential star on its hands who defies the usual female type of small, skinny, milk-toast Caucasians.
I was just some awkward maverick with money in his pockets.