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mauve / розовато-лиловый цвет
имя существительное
розовато-лиловый цвет
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of a pale purple color.
She wore a white tunic with pale mauve sleeves and veil.
имя существительное
a pale purple color.
a few pale streaks of mauve were all that remained of the sunset
a bright but delicate pale purple aniline dye prepared by William H. Perkin ( 1838–1907 ) in 1856. It was the first synthetic dyestuff.
The first synthetic dye, mauve , was prepared in 1856 by the English chemist William Henry Perkin.
There were the mornings when the world was shrouded in a mist which turned subtly mauve , and then as the sun broke through, the mountainsides all around flamed orange-red.
The color photograph is softly lit and the image's color palette ranges from a cool gray-blue to mauve to beige.
In 1856 a colour was discovered, mauve , our first synthetic dye.
The wind was blowing through her fancy curtained window and a light breeze hit her long brown hair as it dangled off the bed hitting the pale purple and mauve comforter.
Ten years of girls' boarding schools decked out in mauve tunics, jumper, mauve tie and mauve bloomers gave me a certain antipathy to the colour.
The wonderful mauve comforter had been shredded.
In the glass, it is a lovely deep and brooding mauve colour.
The canine youth stared up at the high roof and decorative mauve trim of the pale blue structure.
Sunset cast a soft mauve , pink and orange hue on the tips of the snow clad mountains.
The 1856 discovery of the first synthetic aniline dye, mauve , marked a new era in textile dyeing.