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mausoleum / мавзолей
имя существительное
имя существительное
a building, especially a large and stately one, housing a tomb or tombs.
Between this and the canal we discovered warehouses, mausolea and other buildings that fronted on to the road.
Intended to serve as a dynastic mausoleum , it houses one of England's most dazzling collections of aristocratic tombs.
the cathedral was built in 1517 as a royal mausoleum
Broadway these days is a no man's land for new musicals, and a museum, a mausoleum , for old ones.
a cultural mausoleum such as the Tate
Was she under house arrest in her palace, or had she locked herself in her mausoleum ?
Massive in scale, three stories and fifty meters high, it appears as much a palace as a mausoleum .
The more illustrious and affluent dead were interred beneath mausolea in the form of temples or domestic houses, commemorative arches, and columns.
The city rose to this challenge, not with banks of sterile oven-slot tombs but with dazzlingly elaborate mausoleums .
In the public sphere, great public buildings, monuments, temples and mausoleums are a sign of excess.
There were people grieving by their family's mausoleums and crypts.