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maturity / зрелость, завершенность, совершеннолетие
имя существительное
maturity, adulthood, ripeness, manhood, matureness, mellowness
completeness, maturity, matureness
adulthood, age, majority, maturity, emancipation, matureness
имя существительное
the state, fact, or period of being mature.
their experience, maturity, and strong work ethic
The germinated kernels were transferred to potting soil and grown to maturity in a greenhouse.
For investors wanting to cash in at maturity this could give rise to a capital gain or a capital loss.
If managers anticipate rising interest rates, they generally shorten the average maturity of the bonds in their funds.
the maturity date
Do your child's coordination and maturity levels match those of others in the program?
The issue has a five-year maturity period that expires on March 1, 2007.
the progress of an ingénue from childhood to maturity
Plants were grown to maturity in a greenhouse under natural conditions.
Where intellectual and emotional maturity have been demonstrated, younger patients might be considered.
Loans and fixed-income security that the company issues differ dramatically in their maturity dates.