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mature / созреть, созревать, взрослеть
mature, maturate
ripen, mature, mellow, grow up, season
mature, become adult
имя прилагательное
mature, ripe, adult, virile, mellow
seasoned, aged, vintage, mellow, mature, ripe
developed, mature, educated, cultivated, cultured
имя прилагательное
fully developed physically; full-grown.
she was now a mature woman
denoting an economy, industry, or market that has developed to a point where substantial expansion and investment no longer takes place.
However, there is a problem here in that almost every other mature economy in Europe wants tax harmonisation.
(of a bill) due for payment.
It can point the way to creating a bond between two people, but it is not itself a mature bond.
(of an organism) become physically mature.
children mature at different ages
(of an insurance policy, security, etc.) reach the end of its term and hence become payable.
Of the total debt stock, 80 per cent was private debt and almost 36 per cent was short term, maturing in 12 months or less.
My eldest, in a knowing way, asked me if mature cheese is made out of milk from old cows.
Certainly, Cabernets will age, but they take longer than other varieties and I wanted some mature wine sooner.
By the time a child has reached their teens, parents feel that they are mature enough to cope with more adult content, and control shifts accordingly.
The clues to the future of the industrial markets will be found in closely analyzing how more mature markets have evolved.
What we'll do is lower the production and seek to harvest more mature grapes.
Many years ago, when I lived in Paris, an extremely elegant, mature French lady told me the secret of applying a scent properly.
Oily and mature skin types benefit the most from this type of exfoliation.
In the midst of this, our president is determined to cut taxes to revive a mature economy.
The growth potential for brewers is not in mature European markets.
He should use the Christmas period for mature reflection and then tender his resignation.