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maturation / созревание, достижение полного развития, нагноение
имя существительное
maturation, aging, gestation, mellowing, ageing
достижение полного развития
maturation, matureness, maturity
suppuration, fester, purulence, rankling, maturation, gathering
имя существительное
the action or process of maturing.
sexual maturation
Fruit maturation is slow and occurs during the rainy season (July - October).
Hormones have been implicated in the maturation of fleshy fruits, and ethylene and auxin appear to be of particular importance depending on the type of fruits.
They have experimented with all the techniques of modern winemaking in terms of time of grape picking, fermentation times and temperatures, and maturation .
My own growth and maturation paralleled major developments in our nation's reach for space.
Eve is constantly referred to as innocent and childlike in the first half of the film and her transformation involves a process of maturation , of becoming a more confident adult.
These include the type of starch and fibre, particle size, fat, maturation of the fruit or vegetable (sugar type) and cooking method/time.
The role of ethylene in fruit development and maturation has been intensively studied.
For example, developmental changes in lung maturation and growth might not be linearly related to body size even if airway function is.
At fruit maturation , all flowering shoots on the marked plants were collected and brought to the laboratory.
To these traditional ingredients they add inert temperature-controlled fermentation and maturation in new oak, mainly French.