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mattress / матрац, тюфяк, фашинный тюфяк
имя существительное
mattress, squab
фашинный тюфяк
имя существительное
a fabric case filled with deformable or resilient material, used for sleeping on.
His pillow was extremely soft, and the flannel sheets and firm mattresses were almost too comfortable.
The sun made its final farewell, so he flipped on a lamp and sat down on the soft mattress .
At nights, he was forced to sleep on a thin mattress against the stump of a tree.
For the last week I have been sleeping on a mattress between my children's beds.
The trailer was cramped and had no furniture except for a mattress and a wooden bench.
We slid down a short chute and landed on a soft mattress with everyone looking at us.
I use a fitted sheet because I sleep on a twin futon and the mattress is in two pieces.
They prepared the mattresses they slept on in silence.
They had slept on mattresses of straw over which they had thrown clean linen and their own blankets.
The mites breed at a phenomenal rate in soft furnishings such as pillows and mattresses .
Instead, the box springs and mattresses are combined and a mattress pad placed over them.