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mattock / мотыга, киркомотыга
имя существительное
hoe, hack, mattock, spud, hackney, picker
pickax, pickaxe, mattock
имя существительное
an agricultural tool shaped like a pickax, with an adze and a chisel edge as the ends of the head.
Laborers used tools resembling mattocks or hoes for digging and used woven reed baskets for hauling dirt and debris.
Today the tool, described as combining an axe with either a mattock or grub hoe, is sold for gardening and clearing nature trails, as well as firefighting.
Hole planting can be done with a mattock , hoe or shovel.
The women toil in the broiling sun, backs bent, feet bare, working for hours at a stretch with a mattock , for most the only tool for every job.
One of my favorite tools from my farming days on the Big Island is a miniature version of the mattock .
I noticed it when I realized I was using my mattock as a pry bar, not for rocks, as was intended, but for myself.
Tinkering in his blacksmith shop, he created a tool that's half ax, half mattock , and ideal for digging firebreaks.
He produced a mattock out of his donkey-cart and had several peasant boys dig a hole.
An ax or mattock will come in handy to chop out the roots that you will inevitably encounter.
Kill weeds with glyphosate herbicide, pull them by hand, or chop them with a hoe or mattock and rake them up.
Other tools include a wheel cultivator, pickax, and mattock .