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matter / вопрос, дело, материя
имя существительное
question, matter, problem, point, query, item
case, business, matter, point, deal, thing
matter, material, substance, fabric, stuff
иметь значение
matter, mean, signify, count, evaluate, weigh
fester, suppurate, matter
имя существительное
physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.
the structure and properties of matter
an affair or situation under consideration; a topic.
a great deal of work was done on this matter
the reason for distress or a problem.
what's the matter?
the substance or content of a text as distinct from its manner or form.
It's also not a show that's performed very often - and having seen the content matter , I can see why.
be of importance; have significance.
it doesn't matter what the guests wear
(of a wound) secrete or discharge pus.
Thus dark energy is intrinsically relativistic and is more like energy than matter .
fecal matter
the structure and properties of matter
Physics is the science which deals with properties and interactions of matter and energy.
Clean out all of the warm weather crops and add organic matter and fertilizer and work them well into the soil.
He has no say in the decision, but said he had urged the council to give the matter serious consideration.
I have finished the books I am reviewing and have come to the magic moment when I get to choose some reading matter .
Inflation involves a curious change in the properties of matter at very high energies known as a phase transition.
The only road to the two farms is by the lane which has been used for centuries, so what is the matter with it now?
what's the matter?