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matted / спутанный, матовый, покрытый циновками
имя прилагательное
confused, matted
frosted, mat, opaque, matted, dim
покрытый циновками
имя прилагательное
(especially of hair or fur) tangled into a thick mass.
a cardigan of matted gray wool
covered or furnished with mats.
the matted floor
tangle (something, especially hair) in a thick mass.
sweat matted his hair
My bare feet padded quietly on the matted floor of woven straw.
So I began to pull the debris out of my matted hair, just for something to do.
He threw back his matted hair that reached halfway down his back, the slightly warm water sending relief through his aching muscles.
He knew there were to be three tables of guests on each side of the matted dance floor.
Anna sunk down onto the steps and hugged her dog tightly, feeling the sticky, matted fur cling to her hands.
Her hair was matted and messy and her dress was haphazard.
He slipped back into his clothes and fixed his matted hair.
A wide, rectangular shaped room, the sparring grounds was lined with benches on the sides and a matted floor in the middle.
Pushing her matted hair off her forehead, she got out of bed.
She then dried out her matted hair until it became a fuzzy red color.