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matt / матовая поверхность, матовая отделка, матовая краска
имя существительное
матовая поверхность
matt, matte, mat, frosting
матовая отделка
matt, mat
матовая краска
mat, matt
You can paint them a dull matt grey to blend in against the sky, but they will stand out.
The walls should be finished in medium dark shades with a matt surface.
It's pretty impressive stuff; on the side of Manchester's old ship canal, a huge shard of silver seems to have fallen from the skies and impaled itself into a mass of matt black.
Grunting, I twisted my head and spied a few fallen fragments of scale, each one a dull matt black.
Presentation is austere: the hardback, which is matt black with silvered lettering, has no dust jacket, no tables, and no illustrations.
The play between glossy and matt surfaces lends a subtle complexity to a simple restaurant fitout.
It is rapidly absorbed by the skin, leaving a light, matt film on the surface which keeps the skin looking, and feeling, soft and hydrated.
Have a friend photograph them with a decent camera in nice light, and then print them out in a postcard-sized print and matt them so they look really nice.
It's easy enough to print out photographs on A4 size paper, of course, and I have achieved very good results using both glossy and matt photographic quality paper.
The rod is tied in dark red thread over the cane coloured blank, and the overall finish is matt .