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matrimony / брак, супружество, марьяж
имя существительное
marriage, wedlock, matrimony, match, defect, spoilage
matrimony, wedlock, conjugality, spousal
marriage, matrimony
имя существительное
the state or ceremony of being married; marriage.
a couple joined in matrimony
A good day was had by all, and matrimony was the winner on the day.
They married in Edinburgh in August 1811, though Shelley disapproved of matrimony , as well as royalty, meat-eating, and religion.
The most striking deviation from this pattern was shown by England, for there the age of marriage for women fell continuously and a growing proportion of the population engaged in matrimony .
The notion of legal matrimony as a blessed union of souls is as misconstrued as it is unnecessary.
the joys of matrimony
A simple church service that will unite us in matrimony for the rest of our mortal days is all we need.
a couple joined in matrimony
the sacrament of holy matrimony
Consequently, all Jews are intended to experience both the joy and hardship of matrimony , including rabbis.
The only time that Melville allows the three husbands something for themselves is the opening of the second act, when they discuss the prospects of matrimony with her.